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Sailing Escape

Annemarie and Volker have been traveling the world on their sailing boat "Escape" since early 2019. Escape, a CNB 66, was launched in March 2019 and to date, Feb 2021, the couple have sailed around 8,000 nautical miles.

They joined the Salty Dawgs Fall Rally and set off from Hampton, VA on November 2nd 2020 , next stop Antigua. After following their blog for a while, we said "could we share your Antigua & Babuda leg", and they said "yes of course".


So, as an insight into sailing around our two little Islands in the Caribbean during a worldwide pandemic we think you might like this chapter in their journey.

To see all of their story use any of the links with each blog below.

Why So Much Boating Work

I have heard this question several times recently. At the beginning I also did not understand why a boat, even if it is new, like escape, has to be permanently repaired and serviced.

28th February 2021
The Sweet Life is Over

While we are anchored in Carlisle Bay, we think about what to do next.

24th February 2021
Photo Project Blue

Today ROYUSCH-UNTERWEGS has published a new term for the weekly photo challenge. The term for this week is “blue”

22nd February 2021
Beach Days in Carlisle Bay

After lying at Antigua's most varied anchorage for over two weeks, the skipper is also in the mood for a change of scenery.

20th February 2021
Antigua's Most Varied Anchorage

Wrong world: After we have been anchored in Falmouth for a while, I ask the skipper if he would like to continue sailing slowly.

18th February 2021
Pelicans on the Hunt

I'm happy 😃. After more than eight months in the Caribbean, I finally managed to take pictures of pelicans up close.

12th February 2021
Kayak Between Superyachts

After admiring the superyachts in historic Nelson's Dockyard last week , let's see what's in the harbor here in Falmouth.

10th February 2021
Photo Project "Animals"

The ROYUSCH-UNTERWEGS photo challenge is entering its third round . It's about posting a photo for a given term. This week is about "animals"

8th February 2021
Walking Between Goats and Superyachts

Since the relatively small anchor bay of English Harbor is too full, we anchor on the other side, in the large Bay of Falmouth.

7th February 2021
Superyachts in Nelson's Dockyard

From Deep Bay we sail back to the south of Antigua. As every year, the super yachts meet here.

5 February 2021
Nice views in Deep Bay

After a week at the idyllic anchorage off Great Bird Island , the skipper becomes restless.

31st January 2021
Great Bird Island: Small island with great potential for discovery.

After we started the New Year on Great Bird Island, we'd like to stay a while longer.

28th January 2021
New Year's Eve on Great Bird island

After we have been lying on the dream beach of Barbuda for exactly one week , it is time to be on our way.

24th January 2021
News from Antigua: The Atlantic Rowers Are Here.

While we are at anchor in Falmouth, we hear that the first Atlantic rowers are due to arrive in Antigua the next day.

20th January 2021
Christmas on the Dream Beach of Barbuda.

On December 23 we arrive back in Barbuda . With the kayak we land on the endless dream beach.

19th January 2021
From the Northwest of Antigua Back to Barbuda

After we have stocked up with fresh provisions in Jolly Harbor , we would like to explore some anchor bays in northwest Antigua that we do not yet know.

19th January 2021
Barbuda and the Traces of Hurricane Irma

The Caribbean paradise of Barbuda was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

13th January 2021
Frigate Birds on Barbuda

Today we have something very special to do. The SY Flora has organized a trip to the frigate colony on Barbuda.

9th January 2021
We're Sailing to Barbuda

Today the time has come: after more than a week at anchor in Nonsuch Bay we are sailing again.

5th January 2021
A change of Perspective in Nonsuch Bay

We have been lying in our blue water paradise off Green Island for six days . And there it is again: our 50% problem.

3rd January 2021
Superyacht Show at the Anchorage

Antigua is not called the “hotspot of super yachts” in the Caribbean for nothing. While Escape is at anchor off Green Island, a huge motor yacht pulls into the bay.

1st January 2021
Blue Water Life off Green Island Antigua

escape is located on a buoy in Nonsuch Bay, which is bordered on one side by the idyllic islet “Green Island”. As you can see on the cover picture, left, the reef begins right behind us. Every day the skipper asks himself whether the buoy is really holding or whether he should lower the boat.

31st December 2020
Small Sailing Trip Off Antigua

We have adapted our travel speed to the circumstances. Escape lay in Nelson's Dockyard for over three weeks and we enjoyed the sweet life of Antigua .

30th December 2020
How Do You Adopt a Donkey

On our island tour we also visit the Antigua Donkey Sanctuary, a care station for abandoned donkeys. The skipper would have liked to cross this program point from the list, but he had to bow to the majority.

28th December 2020
Island Tour

Escape is still securely moored in Nelsons's Dockyard. We would like to take this opportunity to take a closer look at Antigua.

27th December 2020
Merry Christmas

The escape crew wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Is it even allowed to speak of a “Merry Christmas” this year?

24th December 2020
"Savoir Vivre" in Antigua

We are finally in the marina in Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua.

17th December 2020
Check in in Antigua in Times of COVID

When we drop anchor after the turbulent passage in English Harbor, we have arrived at our destination, but have not yet officially entered Antigua. A lot of formalities still have to be dealt with first. I finally have an active part in this trip.

November 2020
Passage from Chesapeake Bay to Antigua.

After the second day of our passage has quietly come to an end, I do the first night watch. It is quiet; the skipper sleeps down in the cabin. I'm happy when he comes up around 0.30am and takes over the watch.

Early November 2020
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