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Superyacht Show at the Anchorage

1st January 2021

The "Moonrise" completed this year measures 100m and is therefore five times as long as our CNB66. Of course one can ask oneself about the raison d'être of such mega-yachts, but somehow it is impressive.

On top of that. A short time later, a strange-looking ship enters the bay. Research at Navionics and Google shows that it is the supply ship for Moonrise, the 55m long “Powerplay”. The gray structure above the stern is the hangar for the helicopter. The supply ship also houses a wide variety of dinghies and "water toys" for adults. There wouldn't be enough space on the main yacht for that either.🤣🤣

With our kayak we take a closer look at the whole thing.

The view from above on Powerplay shows how the hangar is pushed forward when the helicopter is moved.

Then we can also watch him start up

When he comes back he first lands on the deck of the main yacht and then flies back to the utility.

So you won't get bored at the anchorage, you always have something to look at.😊

Moonrise isn't even very far ahead in the world of superyachts. According to a list from , Moonrise only ranks 55th among the largest motor yachts. But the owner also has two yachts; taken together, they would be in the top 5 😉.

Antigua is not called the “hotspot of super yachts” in the Caribbean for nothing. While Escape is at anchor off Green Island, a huge motor yacht pulls into the bay.

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