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Kayak Between Superyachts

10th February 2021

Our small kayak is the ideal means of transport to drive through the harbor and take a closer look at the superyachts. Interesting perspectives result.

A special ship is anchored here: the mega yacht Skat . The almost 71m long yacht was built in Germany in the Lürssen shipyard. With a length of almost 71m, she is number 190 of the world's largest motor yachts. When you drive under the bow, the yacht looks particularly powerful . The opinions of the escape crew about this boat are very different. While I find it rather inappropriate to design a private yacht like a warship, the skipper doesn't like it that badly. What do you all mean?

We also meet “old friends” again: The 65m long motor yacht Anawa was lying with us in Hermitage Bay, now she is in the port of Falmouth, this time with a matching helicopter on board.

The number of large motor yachts is impressive.

The number of large motor yachts is impressive.

Compared to the huge motor yachts, even large sailing yachts appear small and delicate. Here we see the 34m long sailing yacht Nilaya in front of the 110m long Kaos.

Directly behind is the 55m long Adele, which is 51st in the ranking of the world's largest sailing yachts.

The 93m long three- master Eos is No. 3 of the world's largest sailing yachts and thus by far the largest sailing boat in the port. During our kayak tour, we mainly noticed him because of his figurehead. Allegedly, it should be an image of the owner's wife. Of course, we have to look at that up close.

In addition, there are Perseus 3 (60m, 24th place worldwide) ...

and Drumbeat (53m, 64th place worldwide) ...

The absolute favorite of the skipper is "Ngoni" . The 58m long sailing yacht (31st place worldwide) is completely black and stands out with its ultra-modern design. The owner is said to have said when placing the order in the shipyard: "Build me a beast".

With so many mega yachts, it is immediately refreshing when you see a small sailing boat.

But Falmouth is not just for mega yachts. The local Antigua Yacht Club is very active in youth work. The dinghies lined up here are moved every day.

And if you let your gaze wander a little to the side, you can see again that you are in the Caribbean 😉.

After admiring the superyachts in historic Nelson's Dockyard last week , let's see what's in the harbor here in Falmouth.

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