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A change of Perspective in Nonsuch Bay

3rd January 2021

While 50% of the crew would like to move on, the other 50% are not yet ready to leave this wonderful piece of earth. What to do? As is so often the case in life, the solution is a compromise. We stay in the same bay (Nonsuch Bay), but change our anchorage. The awning can stay up for the short distance; The kayak does not have to be lashed either.

We drive slowly to the other corner of the bay under the engine.

We find a nice anchorage overlooking a small beach.

From above it looks like this.

With the kayak we explore the small side arms of the bay.

A special highlight is the beach, which we have already seen from the boat. Here we can land perfectly with our kayak.

The crescent-shaped bay has a fine sandy beach with two rows of palm trees. The best part is: we are the only people far and wide. It’s beautiful 😍😍.

After we have explored the beach extensively, we paddle back so that we are back on board in time for the sundowner 🍹🍻. If we had known how beautiful it is here on the beach, we would have brought drinks.

I would like to stay longer at this anchorage, but I don't think I can persuade the skipper to do so. Sailing is the order of the day ⛵️.

We have been lying in our blue water paradise off Green Island for six days . And there it is again: our 50% problem.

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