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Nice views in Deep Bay

31st January 2021

But where should it go? We would like to go back to the dream beaches of Barbuda . But when we drive out of the bay we lack the necessary wind for a nice sailing trip. So we only drive around the next corner into Deep Bay. Almost two and a half weeks ago we were already here and had a nice afternoon at the beach and at the pool bar of the Hotel Royalton located here. This time we go up to the ruins of the old fort. (Fort Barrington -main image)

As always, the skipper climbs up so fast that I can barely keep up.

When I get to the top I'm completely out of breath. But the climb was worth it. From up here you have a wonderful all-round view of the bay and the anchoring yachts.

The new hotel building is a bit too big for my taste.

On the small path to the tip of the headland, there are always new views of escape at the anchorage.

In the distance you can see the outlines of the neighboring island of Nevis. In the foreground is the tiny island of Sandy Island.

In front of the port of Saint. John's, the capital of Antigua, freighters are in the roadstead.

I pause at the head of the headland to watch the waves.

On the way back I pass a small ruin.

Then I walk back to the beach in peace and quiet and enjoy the view of the palm trees.

When we then want to have a drink at the beach bar, we experience a surprise. The hotel, where we were two weeks ago, no longer lets yachties in. Ok, let's just go back to escape. The view of the sunset is nicer here anyway and we have enough drinks on board.🍻 🍷

The next morning I manage to see the sunrise, which is rewarded with a particularly beautiful play of colors in the sky.

What could be nicer than waking up at the anchorage? No hotel can keep up with that.

After a week at the idyllic anchorage off Great Bird Island , the skipper becomes restless.

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