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Beach Days in Carlisle Bay

20th February 2021

Even after two and a half months on Antigua, there are still new anchor bays to discover. We leave Falmouth and drive three nautical miles to Carlisle Bay. During our island tour by car we had made a small stop here, but we weren't here with escape.

Carlisle Bay is very different from Falmouth again. Only a handful of boats are at anchor. It's very peaceful.

With our kayak we explore the anchorage and the neighboring bay.

Like most of the bays in Antigua, Carlisle Bay has a fine sandy beach. Here the view from the east side of the beach (looking north)...

... and here the opposite perspective from the west side (looking south).

There is a small town on the west side. As is so often the case in Antigua, you see half-finished houses here, and you don't know if they will ever be finished. At least this one is decorated with a collection of seashells.

The Carlisle Bay Hotel takes up most of the beach. We heard from SY Flora that this hotel is very open to yachties. We are allowed to moor our kayaks on the jetty and - which the skipper particularly likes - the bar is open to us. There are not only excellent cocktails 🍹🍸; from here you also have a perfect view of the sunset 🌅. Every evening we moor our kayaks to the hotel jetty and enjoy our sundowner with a view of escape.

All in all, once again blue water life like out of a picture book. The question is: how long can this go on?

It is uncertain where Escape will be sailing in the next few weeks. We want to go to St. Martin, but the COVID numbers are significantly higher there than here. On the other hand, we cannot stay in Antigua and Barbuda much longer, because our residence permit will expire in the next few days.

Let's see where we end up ...

After lying at Antigua's most varied anchorage for over two weeks, the skipper is also in the mood for a change of scenery.

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