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Christmas on the Dream Beach of Barbuda.

19th January 2021

We'll have a drink in Inoch's Bar. The dress code hangs on the wall: "If you are not barefoot, then you are overdressed"

We discuss the details for our celebratory dinner the next day, which Wiebke and Ralf from Sy Flora have organized.

The skipper swings on the dream beach with his dream woman 😉

On the 24th we meet up with some crews we are friends with on the beach.

Inoch prepares the lobsters ...

... and puts them on the grill.

That gives a fine Christmas dinner.

We are sitting at a long table in the beach bar, each crew has brought a side dish.

For the Christmas feeling, the family also sent a picture of the Christmas tree at home and a video of my father's Christmas piano concert. Nice😍

The next day we meet again for a campfire on the beach. All in all, it was an all-round successful Christmas; if you disregard the fact that our family Christmas party has been canceled for the second year in a row.

On December 23 we arrive back in Barbuda . With the kayak we land on the endless dream beach.

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