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Pelicans on the Hunt

12th February 2021

Up until now, they were more like search images with the motto: "Find the pelican" 🤣🤣🤣.

Actually, I was on the camera to capture the arrival of another rowboat . At the moment, more rowers who have successfully crossed the Atlantic arrive every few days. But the rowers were faster than expected. When I arrive the spectacle is over. Nelson's Dockyard is deserted in the midday heat. I wander around aimlessly.

Then I see a pelican falling into the water right next to me and whoops, he has the fish in his beak.

One big sip ...

... and he's gone.

Let's go to the next round ... One pelican flies over me........ His colleague sits on top of the lantern and watches.

The next fish is due.

And it goes on.

I could watch the big water birds for hours.

The pelicans also like to use the bow baskets of the anchored yachts as seats.

With all the pelicans, I didn't even notice that there is a new J-Class yacht at the superyacht dock. That would not have happened to the skipper. He has no leisure to watch the pelicans hunting and would have focused directly on the beautiful yacht. The 41.6 m long “Ranger” is a replica of the America's Cup yacht from 1937 by Harold Vanderbilt.

What about you guys? Do you like pelicans or not? Do you like to watch birds or are you bored? The skipper and I look forward to your comments.

I'm happy 😃. After more than eight months in the Caribbean, I finally managed to take pictures of pelicans up close.

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