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Walking Between Goats and Superyachts

7th February 2021

We stay here for several weeks. Among other things, we use the time to hike. Especially in the south of Antigua around the bays of Falmouth and English Harbor there are great hiking trails. One of our favorite hiking trails is the Middle Ground Trail. This small footpath connects Pigeons Beach in Falmouth to Nelson's Dockyard.

The entrance is behind the beach at Pigeons Point. It goes straight up relatively steeply.

Soon you will have the first beautiful views of Falmouth Bay.

Like all sailors, we are happy when we look at escape from above (easy to recognize by the black mast). She lies peacefully at anchor.

Sometimes it is very interesting to watch the goings-on in the bay from above. The large motor yacht has to laboriously wind its way between the anchor berths. She cannot drive behind it because it is not deep enough. Here, too, you can see a real superyacht. The Baltic “Cavallo” is anchored behind us . At almost 43m, it is more than twice as long as escape and is therefore 189th among the world's largest sailing yachts according to “Boats Exclusiv”.

As you hike along the top of the hill, there are constantly new, interesting views of the surrounding bays and the green hills of Antigua.

The show also enjoy the view.

When I researched the internet for this blog post I noticed that this hiking trail is also called the “Goat Trail”. That fits.

Towards the end of the way you have a view of the superyachts in the historic Nelsons's Dockyard

Towards the end of the way you have a view of the superyachts in the historic Nelsons's Dockyard

Since the relatively small anchor bay of English Harbor is too full, we anchor on the other side, in the large Bay of Falmouth.

Trail begins on the road out of Pigeon Beach
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Views of Falmouth Harbour
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Escape with her black mast
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A motor yacht leaes the harbour through anchored yachts
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