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How Do You Adopt a Donkey

28th December 2020

So he stands at the gate and checks his e-mails while Wiebke, Ralf and I armed with brushes go to the donkeys in the enclosure.

The organization is mainly financed by donations. Due to COVID, the number of visitors and thus also the amount of donations has fallen sharply. We hear that the income in 2020 is only around 30% of the previous year.

You can adopt a donkey for US $ 30 a year. A point of honor that I choose Raven. So that everything is correct, I also get a certificate. Now it is official: I have adopted a donkey 😄.

The Antigua Donkey Sanctuary is a sightseeing destination of a different kind, but from my point of view it is definitely worth a visit.

Most of the photos on this page, as well as the cover picture, are from Ralf from SY Flora .

On our island tour we also visit the Antigua Donkey Sanctuary, a care station for abandoned donkeys. The skipper would have liked to cross this program point from the list, but he had to bow to the majority.

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