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From the Northwest of Antigua Back to Barbuda

19th January 2021

From our anchorage in Jolly Harbor we drive around the next cape to Hermitage Bay. There are many large motor yachts here.

We find a good anchorage deep inside the bay. The color of the water around us varies depending on the weather.

From our anchorage we can watch the hustle and bustle on the motor yachts. A whole arsenal of water toys is made available to guests in the beach club at the stern.

Normally, as a sailor, the skipper doesn't care much for motor yachts. But sometimes the one or the other superyacht that we see arouses his interest. For example the 65m long explorer “Anawa”, which is anchored next to us in Hermitage Bay. The fence delimits the helipad. When the helicopter is not there, it can be used as a ball game area.

The owner is one of the majority shareholders of the beer group Anheuser-Busch, among other things, he also owns the largest ice cream chain in Latin America. Great combination, that would cover the basic needs of the escape crew. It would certainly be interesting to meet him someday; but unfortunately he doesn't invite us to a sundowner.

So we continue to the next bay, Deep Bay. There lies the wreck of an old mail ship. In the left picture you can see something sticking out of the water in the foreground; this is a holdover from the mast. You can find more photos of the wreck in the SY Flora blog article.
After, we look at the small island Sandy Island (right picture).

We go to the beach with our kayak. We have a sundowner at the bar of the hotel there.

The next day it goes back to Barbuda. We have a perfect sailing day, the skipper is happy.

The anchor drops in front of the “Princess Diana Beach”. The beach is named after Princess Diana because she has often vacationed here. However, only a few ruins remain of the hotel where she stayed at the time, the legendary K-Club. On this lonely beach we would like to celebrate Christmas together with the crew of SY Flora and a few other Salty Dawg boats.

After we have stocked up with fresh provisions in Jolly Harbor , we would like to explore some anchor bays in northwest Antigua that we do not yet know.

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