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Hiking in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is full of wonderful places to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

In the National Parks area in the south of the Island are a series of trails mostly maintained by the Royal Naval Tot Club of Antigua & Barbuda.  They are reasonable distances and not too hard.

A collaboration of local hiking guides and enthusiasts has recently produced Hike 365, a flip guide to some of the best hikes on the twin Islands. All of their hikes below include links to Hike 365  downloadable trails. Many of Hike 365 trails recommend you use a tour guide as they can be challenging.


If you spend any time on Barbuda, the low lying topography lends itself to walking and Hike 365 have let us into a little secret there.

Please dont forget; decent walking shoes, water and sun protection.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get those walking shoes on and start exploring.

Boggy Peak - 1

Christian Valley to Boggy Peak (Mount Obama)

Boggy Peak - 2

Old Road to Boggy Peak (Mount Obama)

Cade Peak

Hike through the rainforest to Cade Peak from the picturesque Morris Bay beach.

Carpenter Rock Trail.

One of the five trails in the National Park area of English Harbour, The Carpenter Rock trail leads to some stunning rock formations.

Jones Valley Trail

One of 5 maintained trails in the National Park area on the south of Antigua the Jones Valley Trail is full of history.

Lookout Trail

One of five trails in the National Parks area in English Harbour and adjacent to the Jones Valley Trail.

Middle Ground Trail

Middle Ground Trail is also known locally as the goat track.

Sleeping Indian Range

The Sleeping Indian range includes three peaks, namely Leonard Hill, Saddle Hill, and Flat Top Hill.

Winter Hill & Fisher Hill Loop

At the end of the beach at Carlisle Bay lies the entrance to a vast trail network.

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