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Boggy Peak - 1

Boggy Peak rises to a height of over 1300 ft, the largest peak in Antigua. It is located on the Shekerley Mountains which run across the southwest of the Island from Christian Valley to Falmouth Harbour.

There are many established ways to climb Boggy Peak including a road from Cades Bay, or trails from Morris Bay, Fig Tree Drive, Orange Valley and Christian Valley.

This trail route starts in Christian Valley, which also offers two longer loop options to reach the summit. It is the shortest route.

Expect a challenging climb and tough physical workout to reach the summit. The absolute peak is covered by a fenced government structure and so despite being the highest peak, it does not offer the best views of the various peaks. A trail around the fence line leads to a rocky viewpoint looking west.

If you are after expansive views consider taking the long route from Morris Bay. A tour guide is strongly recommended.

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Close By

Not much 😬 but you will likely find some street vendors and small convenience stores on your way to the start of this trail.

Christian Valley to Boggy Peak (Mount Obama)

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