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Middle Ground Trail

The trail is about 1 mile and runs from Fort Berkley to Pigeon Beach mostly along the headland and the hilltop above Windward Bay. The trail was declared a Commonwealth Walkway in 2016 as part of the Queens Jubilee celebrations.

We start at Fort Berkley as the fairly steep climb is easier to ascend than descend but ropes are in place along the trickier parts of this route. If you would like to avoid the slopes join the trail half way along the road from English Harbour to Pigeon Beach. (Red x on the image).

At the top of the hill above Fort Berkley is the circular One Gun Battery (Keene's). It sits to the east of what were barracks, built between 1791-93, for the regiments that manned the gun platforms. To the west further along the trail is Fort Cuyler. The barracks were abandoned around 1854 and now there are barely visible ruins.

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Close By

Take a cooling swim at Pigeon Beach.

Treat yourself to lunch at Catherines Cafe.

Soak up some history at Nelson's Dockyard.

Middle Ground Trail is also known locally as the goat track.

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