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Jones Valley Trail

A choice of starts and close proximity to The Lookout Trail makes Jones Valley Trail ideal to combine into a two trail hike.

On the road to/from Freemans Bay is the entry, marked with a sign. A short flat meandering path leads to a rocky incline, a little tricky to negotiate, leading up to an 18th Century dam, placed to collect the natural water run off from the hill.

The whole trail is just about a mile long and forks into two paths. One through a gently sloping, shaded woodland path to the Shirley Heights main road and the second slightly steeper graveyard path. Half way up the woodland path you can also detour to join the Lookout Trail.

At the top, close to the road is the Officers Quarters cistern and just before you reach it you will find the headstones of those buried during the 18th century, it is presumed family members of officers stationed in Antigua at that time. Most engravings have been weathered away but one reveals the epitaph to Caroline Wieburg, the 20 month old daughter of Andrew & Francis Wieburg, who died in 1808.

As you exit the trail at the top turn right and you are a few hundred yards from Shirley Heights at the top of the hill. On the opposite side of the road is the Carpenter Rock Trail. (This trail is advisable to approach from the bottom up). The Lookout Trail can be reached from Shirley Heights Lookout.

Dont forget: if you are hiking, water, suncream, sensible walking shoes and sun hat!

Close By

The Inn at English Harbour Hotel has a beach bar/restaurant, The Reef, for lunch or drinks.

Galleon Beach for a swim or snorkel.

English Harbour is a 10 minute drive away.

Shirley Heights Lookout has a restaurant and bar and stunning views over English Harbour.

One of 5 maintained trails in the National Park area on the south of Antigua the Jones Valley Trail is full of history.

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