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Sleeping Indian Range

Each of the peaks offer intriguing trails and for the most experienced hikers, a trail connects all the peaks and is just under 3 miles.

The trail network can be joined from various starting points, however the best place to start is at Hermitage Bay. Following this route the trail will take you first to Leonard Hill, a flat rock top peak with enticing views of the surrounding bays.

Some navigating up a rocky face of the hill is required to reach Leonard Hill and this is not a route for inexperienced hikers.

Continuing onto Saddle Hill is only for the most experienced of hikers and requires a near vertical rope climb up a rock face on the way to the peak. For safety reasons this hike should only be done with an experienced tour guide.

The trail network also connects to the Seaforth Beach and includes a rock lookout over a Sugar Mill. While some of the trails are marked, there are several trails in the area and the chances of getting lost without a tour guide are high.

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Close By

Hermitage Bay- coll off with a swim after your hike.

Jolly Harbour is close by for refreshments or something to eat.

The Sleeping Indian range includes three peaks, namely Leonard Hill, Saddle Hill, and Flat Top Hill.

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