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Beaches in Barbuda

If you are visiting Barbuda by sail note that you should first clear in to Antigua and make sure you are aware of any change in protocols to moving onward to Barbuda. Current regulations are fluid.

Approaching Barbuda you may be deceived into thinking there is nothing there, the Island is so flat, and many a sailor has succumbed to joining the wrecks already scattered here, of which there are many.

Stay clear of the south coast during a storm. It is littered with uncharted reefs and coral heads. From the south spot Martello Tower on the southeast of the Island. Almost 5 miles east is Coco Point. From the southwest, head for the tower until your bearing to the building indicates you are inside Codrington Shoals and Codrington Bank.

Approaching from the eastern side of Antigua head to Coco Point, keeping it to bear north by east. Offshore hazards include a seven foot shoal five miles offshore, Codrington Shoals to the south and a nine foot spot on the north corner of Codrington Bank. Sail under a high sun and keep an eye out for reefs. Remember all fishing should be done on a Barbudan boat, no spearfishing and no anchoring to reefs.


Spanish Point

An excellent anchorage 1 3/4 miles east of Coco Point.


Coco Point

Once the home of the Coco Point Lodge, temporary safari tents now greet you on the shore.


Gravenor Bay

On the eastern side of Coco Point is Gravenor Bay, which offers good protection against a western swell.


Pink Sand Beach

Between Spanish Point and Palmetto Point you will find Pink Sand Beach. Tiny pink shells give it a rosy glow.

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