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Coco Point

The Barbuda Ocean Club is the newest development to begin on Barbuda they will be building homes on the site of Coco Point Lodge which was destroyed in Hurricane Irma.

The famous Princess Diana Beach in this bay was named after the former royal as she frequented Coco Point Lodge on holidays.

When approaching the Point take care until a clear path is spotted through the reef. A seven to eight ft draft vessel can come quite close to shore. To the west is a good anchorage if the swell is down.

When running west from Coco Point to Martello Tower give a wide berth to Spanish Well Point to avoid the coral reefs offshore. There is an anchorage just off the tower but it is better to the southwest of the tower.

Once the home of the Coco Point Lodge, temporary safari tents now greet you on the shore.

Beaches in Barbuda

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