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Gravenor Bay

It is best when wind is from the north but can be choppy if it is blowing out of the south or east.

Sailing down from the western side of Barbuda and approaching from Coco Point are reefs, and to the east Palaster Reef, but inshore of Palaster Reef you can navigate through.

Make sure you have a good spotter and bright sunlight. An entrance through the reef is easy to spot when close enough. There is nine feet at the entrance and seven to eight feet inside, shoaling rapidly to five. Once inside the reef round up and drop the hook.

Boats drawing five feet or less can be piloted by those who are good reef pilots. If the light conditions are good then they can carry five feet up inside Gravenor Bay all the way to the east of Spanish Point.

On the eastern side of Coco Point is Gravenor Bay, which offers good protection against a western swell.

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