Gravenor Bay

The shoreline here is great for snorkeling but, due to the reefs and random rocks, take care if deciding to anchor. Make sure you have a good spotter and bright sunlight.

Sailing down from the western side of Barbuda and approaching from Coco Point are reefs, and to the east Palaster Reef, but inshore of Palaster Reef you can navigate through.

Furthest east is White Bay and good for snorkeling. The hold here is good and Spanish Point Reef affords protection from the swell of the Atlantic. But if the wind is above 10 knots and south of east there may be a chop. You will see plenty of spiny lobster, stingrays and an array of reef fish.

Located at the southern most end of Barbuda is Gravenors Bay, situated between Coco Point and Spanish Point.


Beaches in Barbuda

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