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Spanish Point

Approach only in good light. Twelve feet of water can be carried fairly close in shore inside the reef by Spanish Point, but once the water starts to shelve ease your way north eastward in good light and anchor where draft permits.

There are two approaches recommended. The first is to pass windward of Palaster Reef following in toward Spanish Point until breakers on the reef to the south are spotted, bear off behind the reef and round up to anchor. The second is to approach from the west working eastward between Palaster Reef and the mainland until Spanish Point is bearing southeast.

The beach here is great for a barbecue and make sure to walk around the point to the windswept eastern coast. The snorkeling on the windward reef is good and you may come across some of the many wrecks here.

An excellent anchorage 1 3/4 miles east of Coco Point.

Beaches in Barbuda

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