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Salty Dawg Fall Rally Underway

Antigua will welcome the fleet with more than a week of "safe arrival" activities commencing November 14th. Even for those not sailing down in the Fall Rally, there is the option to join the fun by signing up for the Antigua Rendezvous Week.

The Rally includes weather routing by The Marine Weather Center, position tracking by PredictWind, and an extensive level of coordination and support during the offshore passage.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the SDSA has established some guidelines and protocols to ensure as best as can be done that all are participants are Covid-19 free prior to departure. These guidelines and protocols have been prepared with the assistance of medical professionals who are also long distance sailors and supplied to all entrants.
Salty Dawgs operate a daily VHF Net in Antigua (Nov. 14 – 28) to keep you informed of daily events – 8:00am AST – Ch. 72

Those heading to the Bahamas , the Remora Bay Resort will welcome boats with some special berthing packages for registered Captains. Due to quarantine conditions social activities have not been pre-planned, but some gatherings will hopefully be arranged in line with local restrictions.

Find out more about Salty Dawgs by clicking the source link below.

4 November 2020 at 4:00:00 am

Hosted by the Salty Dawg Sailing Association the Fall Rally left from Hampton, VA in November 2nd after a week of preparation and fun! Around 50 boats set off, heading to one of two destinations – Antigua or the Bahamas. Both are offshore passage across the Gulf Stream.

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