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Marine Relief Fund

Although for many companies within the yachting sector such as marinas and boat yards, business initially continued due to the unique situation created by the lockdown, many individuals normally employed within the sector were immediately without work.

President of the association, Franklyn Braithwaite, says of the fund, ‘We were fortunate to receive donations from some of the yachts who were locked down in Antigua to assist with our workers who have been disenfranchised. We thank them and the private individuals who have donated to the fund for their kind support We now appeal to our members, private citizens and any other stakeholders who are able to assist to donate to the cause so that we can take care of those workers through what will be a very long summer.’

Dockside Liquors, Covent Garden and Crabhole Liquors have all come on board to accept the vouchers which will be distributed in the English Harbour area in the first instance. The first allocation of vouchers has begun and will take place on a monthly basis.

Members of the ABMA who have workers that need assistance or for information on how to donate to the fund please click the source link below.

26 June 2020 at 2:00:00 pm

The Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association launched the Marine Relief Fund last month to assist yacht workers whose employment has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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