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Welcome to the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide!

The Islands of Antigua & Barbuda are vibrant with  history and a magnet for sailors.

The balmy tropical climate is ideal with cooling trade winds between December and May. Anchorages are aplenty with clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.


The Capital, St John's, with its deep harbour, perfect for the large cruise ships that dock there, is located on the north of the Island but it is the English Harbour area that is the hub of yachting.

Two large harbours located on the southern most tip, are ideally situated to welcome yachts from across the Atlantic, it is a combination of colonial architecture, sandy beaches, and a choice of marinas that keeps bringing visitors back year after year.

Nelson's Dockyard Marina is the oldest working Georgian dockyard in the world, and beautifully restored it now holds UNESCO World Heritage Status. We believe it may be the reason many a sailors Caribbean journey has started and ended in Antigua & Barbuda.

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Activities & Things to Do
Anchorages & Beaches

St John's Cathedral is now in its third incarnation. The first, St John's Anglican Church, was built in the same location in 1681 and was a simple wooden structure.                                                  

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.....

11 Mile Beach! How can you read this and not want to be there. Drop anchor, swim ashore and you may feel you are the only one.

Or Pink Sand Beach, stretching 8 miles from Spanish Point to Palmetto, pink from the tiny crushed pink shells.

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