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We're Sailing to Barbuda

5th January 2021

Our goal is not just a new anchor bay; it is also an island that we do not yet know: Antigua's small neighboring island of Barbuda.

As is usually the case in the Caribbean at this time of year, we have ideal sailing conditions: brilliant sunshine, perfect trade winds and a pleasant half-wind course (for non-sailors: that means the wind comes from the side. The boat is not as sloping as when you are upwind drives. That makes it much more pleasant 😊.

As we approach Barbuda, the water color changes, we see more turquoise.

The first look is promising

We anchor in the north of Barbuda, in Low Bay, in front of the Codrington Lagoon.

We go to the beach by kayak. It is fantastically beautiful: turquoise water, endless sandy beach and apart from us and the SY Flora no other people.

Once again we have an anchorage in paradise.

There is a special magic inherent in the morning on board. The skipper drinks his first coffee under the rainbow.

The SY Flora cuts a particularly good figure in the morning light in front of the lagoon.

That's not all Barbuda has to offer. SY Flora organized a tour to the nearby frigate bird colony . We are excited.

Today the time has come: after more than a week at anchor in Nonsuch Bay we are sailing again.

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