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Superyachts in Nelson's Dockyard

5 February 2021

Some of the largest sailing yachts in the world are moored in historic Nelson's Dockyard. You can see them from the front in the cover picture above.

(Click the gallery images):
The Ketch Aquarius (for non-sailors: sailing yacht with 2 masts, the front one of which is higher) is 56m long and is ranked 47th among the world's largest sailing yachts according to the ranking of the magazine “Boats Exclusiv” .

Rebecca lying next to it is 42m long and thus ranks 199th on the ranking list (for comparison: our escape is 20m long).

In the middle is a real classic that will make every sailor's heart beat faster: the J Class Hanuman . With their historical design from the 30s, the J Class yachts inspire sailing fans from all over the world. The 42 m long Hanuman is a replica of the America's Cup yacht Endeavor II from 1937.

The 56 m long Ketch Panthalassa was built in 2010 by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi.

The sloop next to it (for non-sailors: sailing boat with one mast, with mainsail and headsail) Bayesian is the same length and was built 2 years earlier in the same shipyard.

When we are back in Nelson's Dockyard a few days later, Rebecca has left the harbor, the other yachts are still there. To the left of it is the white 28m swan "Panacea". This would normally be referred to as a “large sailing boat”. Compared to your neighbors, however, it looks downright small in this picture 😉.

On the very outside there is a motor yacht that might not be worth mentioning if it didn't have this eye-catching figurehead. Who likes it ...😂😂😂

Which of the sailing beauties do you like best? The skipper's favorite is clearly the J Class. What do you all mean? I am looking forward to your comments.

If this post is too boat-heavy for you, next time there will be pictures of the beautiful Caribbean landscape of Antigua again. But this concentration of superyachts that you see here is very impressive. That's why I've dedicated a small blog post to the topic.

From Deep Bay we sail back to the south of Antigua. As every year, the super yachts meet here.

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