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New Year's Eve on Great Bird island

24th January 2021

With the crew of SY Flora we planned to celebrate New Year's Eve on Great Bird Island, a small uninhabited island in the northeast of Antigua. So we're sailing back to Antigua on December 30th. This time we have a wonderful sailing trip again.

When we arrive at the anchorage, I find it not that spectacular at first: a few boats anchor in front of a small green island. Then I think if Wiebke and Ralf have chosen this place for New Year's Eve, there will be a reason for that. I am not disappointed. As we kayak on the island for a sundowner, we see a sheltered bay with crystal clear water and a fine white sandy beach.

It gets better. We climb a small path to the highest point on the island. From there you have a wonderful panoramic view of the large bay with its many small islands. Now I understand why they chose this place.

How could you end the year more beautifully than with such a sunset.

On the morning of New Year's Eve, we see a beautiful rainbow. If that's not a good omen for the new year ...
Today it is very windy, the sailing yachts are tugging at anchor. There are decent waves at anchorage. Our kayak tour to the island, which was unspectacular yesterday, will be a battle against the waves. When we arrive on the island we are completely soaked. Originally we wanted to have a barbecue on the beach tonight; in the absence of suitable weather, however, we discard this plan again. Instead, we take a short walk to North Beach, which is on the opposite side of our landing site.

Later we will meet at escape for a New Year's Eve party. It rains and winds, so we sit inside for once.

During the last hours of the year, we look back on 2020 once more. It was without a doubt a very difficult year for the world. There has been an infinite amount of suffering. Most people have faced problems they never expected. We, on the other hand, have been very lucky and are well aware of it. We were able to continue our journey without major restrictions, even our two-month lockdown in Martinique was nothing to complain about. A great feeling of gratitude arises as we await the New Year 🙏 ☺️🙏 ☺️🙏 ☺️.

What do we have in mind in 2021? We stopped making plans, which was very difficult, especially for me. We let everything come our way. We couldn't be better at the moment. In any case, we will explore other beautiful corners of our current anchorage in the next few days.

As long as our visa allows, we want to stay in Antigua. Then we'll see. Let's see where the wind takes us ...

After we have been lying on the dream beach of Barbuda for exactly one week , it is time to be on our way.

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