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Antigua's Most Varied Anchorage

18th February 2021

But he still wants to stay here. Anyone who knows us knows that this is usually the other way around 😄. But it really is the case that it doesn't get boring here at the anchorage.

While we sit on deck, we can see new yachts passing by at our anchorage every day. With its 40m length , the Valquest is really big.

But as you can see, the Cavallo anchored in front of it is a bit bigger.

Even the skipper's favorite Ngoni goes out once.

But she comes back shortly afterwards. This is the only time this superyacht has been moved in the many weeks we are here in Falmouth. What a waste…

Some of the superyachts we already know are also coming to Falmouth. First the Anawa, which was anchored with us in Hermitage Bay ...

... and then Moonrise, which we took a closer look at in Nonsuch Bay. But in the end these ships are mainly impressive because of their size. As a sailor you can be less enthusiastic about it.

For me there is one exception, the 42m long motor yacht “Marie”. It has class 😍. She was built in New York in 1930 and was certainly one of the largest yachts of her time. Every time I see her, I imagine what stories have already happened on this yacht ...

This anchorage is better than any boat show. But of course there are not only super yachts here. Boats of all sizes from all over the world anchor here. So you always have company here.

However, it is now also time to say goodbye. The SY Gerty drives towards St. Vincent. As she leaves the bay in the evening light, we wave one last time.

The SY Flora goes to Sint Maarten and then on to Puerto Rico. Before that, we treat ourselves to a farewell dinner at the Admiral's Inn in the historic Nelson's Dockyard. Let's see when we meet you again ...

With so much movement you would think that the skipper would slowly get restless. But he lies. relaxed in his hammock, ....
.. enjoys the view of the surrounding boats ...
... and is looking forward to the evening sundowner.

So that we don't get bored under any circumstances, the Cavallo anchors around.

The lights of the superyachts shine in the harbor.

Now one or the other certainly thinks that something crucial is still missing here to make this anchorage really varied: a fine sandy beach. There is also that: Pigeon Beach. The beautiful hike over to Nelsons's Dockyard also starts from here.

In Falmouth there is everything a cruiser's heart desires. Wonderful Caribbean landscape with hiking trails, a beach, of course with beach bars, a good selection of restaurants of different categories, cafes, bars, several small supermarkets and of course providers of boat service and spare parts of all kinds. Nelson's Dockyard is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, for me it is the most varied anchorage in Antigua. Of course, it's not the most beautiful anchorage on the island. There are many idyllic spots where there is not so much hustle and bustle.

Wrong world: After we have been anchored in Falmouth for a while, I ask the skipper if he would like to continue sailing slowly.

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