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West Indies Towing Ltd

Our assets include a 55' tow boat with several other quick response vessels. We have access to several larger tugs if the need should arise.

Onboard we carry several de-watering pumps and all the necessary ropes, hawsers and anchors.

In our storeroom we have SUBSALVE lift bags giving us forty plus tons of lift along with the associated compressor, generator and scuba gear.

We are available 24/7 and we provide a rapid response.

For more about what we do, take a look at our YouTube channel in the link below.

Revised edition: The Salvage History of Antigua & Barbuda & Antigua's Atlantic Rowers is available at Woods Pharmacy or by the contact details below.

Dr Nick Fuller captained a four man rowing team across the Atlantic in 2015/16.

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We are an indigenous towing and salvage company with over thirty years of experience in Antigua & Barbuda's waters.

We have first hand knowledge and experience of all of Antigua & Barbuda's reefs, banks, channels and dangerous marine obstructions. We have written a coffee-table book called "The Salvage History of Antigua & Barbuda and Atlantic Rowers.




Dr. Nicholas L. Fuller



Opening Hours:

Available 24/7

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