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Battery Engineering Ltd

Ensure that your marine vehicle performs at its optimum efficient level. We sell Lifeline Batteries, a powerful name in the battery industry with world class performance. The open seas can be unpredictable and rough but your battery's performance doesn't have to be. Get your Lifeline AGM Marine Battery at Battery Engineering Ltd.

~New and used auto batteries.
We are the official distributor for ACDelco batteries on Antigua.
We sell ACDelco batteries with a 15-month warranty.
We sell other auto batteries to fit all sizes of vehicles.
We recharge used batteries.

~Alternator and starter motor parts.
We sell alternator and starter parts for your vehicle. We also remove, repair and reinstall parts.
Bring items in hand or bring the vehicle.

~Motor oils, auto and engine supplies.
We sell ACDelco and other motor oils for all types of vehicles

~Auto maintenance services.
We sell and replace windshield wipers, battery posts, battery clamps and provide other key battery and engine services

Take advantage of our 30% discount on ACDelco motor oil. When you purchase your motor oil with us, you can request an oil change as well.

We also carry top of the line batteries and auto supplies for your engine. Call or visit our location on Camacho Ave for more information. ACDelco batteries are now 15% OFF. Power King batteries are now 35% OFF.

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Suppliers of automotive, marine, truck, motorcycle and computer ups batteries and battery accessories, alternator and starter repair and parts.

We are the #1 distributor for ACDELCO products in Antigua.
WE DO DELIVERY and all over the Island.







Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday 8AM - 5PM.

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