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South Point Antigua

Our five star facilities include a restaurant, private beach and dinghy dock but we are centrally located in the bustling English Harbour, full of things to do and see.

Five minutes away are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

Also close by is the historic Nelson’s Dockyard with its UNESCO World Heritage status, it is a must visit location.

If you want more than just a vacation, imagine a home away from home and invest in Caribbean living. With waterfront restaurant, a pool and gym facilities, ultra-modern styling, a full-service concierge, maintenance free and open all year, and an annual return on investment. Our South Point real Estate option may be for you.

Our luxury boutique hotel is the epitome of stylish tropical laid back accommodation.

The minimalist modern design is instantly calming and your whole stay with us will be a relaxing experience.

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Opening Hours:

We are currently closed until late summer.

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