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Rendezvous Bay

Anchoring here is mostly good, with a nice sandy bottom, but the wide open nature and southern exposure of the bay makes it susceptible to a swell.

The eastern end of the beach is slightly more sheltered and swimming when there is a swell will offer more protection there.

If you are on foot/car use the road/track to Spring Hill Stables, following it just about 2 miles. Once the road inclines and you are looking down on the coastline, take the next left. This will lead you down to the beach. Driving will only take you so far so its advisable to park and walk. You will be able to drive for about half a mile to the top of the hill where parking and turning are convenient, although a very good 4 wheel drive will get you all the way at your own risk

If you want an extended hike, you can take the trail from the western end of the beach, through the rainforest to Wallings Dam, now a nature reserve.


One of Antigua's more remote and very often deserted beaches, Rendezvous is reached by hiking or boat.

By boat the bay is just around the corner from Falmouth Harbour heading west, you will find a quarter mile of pristine sand.

Whats Close?

Only sand, shells and nature to keep you company.

A couple of miles hike will take you to Spring Hill Riding Stables.

A little further from the stables, the main Falmouth Road, where there is a bus route, will lead you into English Harbour and restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.

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