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Hawksbill Bay

The whole of Hawksbill Bay can be prone to swells when the winds are high but generally is suitable for anchoring. The northernmost beach, Landing Beach is accessible from the public road at the entrance to Hawksbill resort and from the sea.

Just inside the resort is Sea Grapes Beach, very sheltered and calm with a gently shelved sandy bottom. Not far from the beach is a rocky ledge that runs down the rest of the bay, so take care to anchor out a little. From the shore you must go through security and through the resort to reach this and any further beaches. From the sea you can reach by dinghy. There is a beach bar here.

Moving southward toward the end of the resort is Honeymoon Cove, which can be a little rougher but from here you can walk through a gate to Eden Beach. This is the Islands only clothing optional beach, perfect to top up your tan lines (if you have any!). The hawksbill shaped rock sits about 200 metres off the shore here and there are rocky ledges running up to the shore.

The southern most beach in Pinching Bay and access is by sea only so almost always deserted. On the landside it is surrounded by rocky tree covered hills. To the north of this beach is a small cave. The shore shelves off quite quickly to deep water.

Named after the prominent rock just off the shore that resembles a Hawksbill turtle.

There are 5 beaches in this bay in total. 3 are attached to the Hawksbill Hotel and 1 only accessible from the sea.

Whats Close?

Hawksbill Hotel by Rex Resorts. The property has a beach bar and restaurants. Call 1-268-462-0301 for details.

St Johns is about 2 miles by road. Through Five Islands Village you will find small stores for basic provisions.

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