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Green Island and Nonsuch Bay

Green Island is owned by the Mill Reef Club. whose private property borders your anchorage on all sides. The mainland is off grounds to non-members, but they have allowed the north and north-west side of the island for yachtmen's use.

West of Green Island is Hughes Bay where you will find a dinghy dock to facilitate access to what was once Harmony Hall.

Approaching Green Island from the south, pass approximately 200 yards to the windward of York Island, keeping Green Island to starboard. Keep a heading of 312° MAG from York Island towards Submarine Rock. Watch for the breaking on the southwest corner of Green Island.

Once clear head for the larger of the islands two anchorages, Rickett Harbour. It is usually protected from tradewind weather unless the wind is south-east. The smaller anchorage, Tenpound Bay, accommodates only one or two yachts.

There is plenty of room in Nonsuch Bay for anchoring and the windward reef offers protection from the sea. There are many nooks and crannies for exploration. Ayres Creek is like a Devon estuary, uninhabited, with trees to the waters edge. Mysterious Ledcoff Cove is Antigua's best hurricane hole. The reefs leading to Fanny Cove offer excellent snorkelling.

The safest exit from Green Island is to return by way of Submarine Rock. The northern exit through Spithead Channel should only be attempted under power and clear visibility. There is not as much water to manouvre as the charts show. Keep to the western or leeward side of the channel until there is no discoloured water to windward. It is then safe to head for the deep water. We strongly advise not to enter Nonsuch Bay from the northern channel unless you have some local experience, as it is very difficult to locate the channel entrance from seaward. Only use the channel in good light.

Green Island is a favourite spot to "get away from it all."

Don't be surprised then if you find others seeking the solitude of Green Island.

Whats Close?

*New* ROKUNI @ Nonsuch Bay Resort. An Asian inspired dining experience.

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