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Deep Bay

Deep Bay itself is, contrary to its name is a shallow harbour, offering eight feet of water almost to the beach.

The beach is lovely and sandy and the water clear, but the bay can be busy with watersports attached to the hotel and visits from the tourist cruise catamarans.

When entering Deep Bay, notice the wreck due south of Shipstern Point. It is the barque "Andes", a three masted steel merchant sailing ship, that sailed from Trinidad on 5th June 1905. The wreck is most interesting from the general ship construction point of view and for the prolific and varied fish and coral life. It is ideal for snorkeling.

The Marine Areas Act of 1972 protects the wreck. Under no circumstances can anything be taken away from the wreck, leave it intact for future Antiguans and visitors to enjoy.

Just west of St John's Harbour, Deep Bay offers one of the most secure anchorages on the west coast.

Certain weather conditions can however, generate a swell, making it uncomfortable.

Whats Close?

A great attraction is Fort Barrington, the ruins, now, of an old fortification but worth the short steep walk. Read more about it under contents/activities/hikes.

The Royalton Hotel, newly renovated all inclusive resort lays at one end of the beach, but are not able to serve the general public.

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