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Stingray City Antigua

Stingray City Antigua

Snorkel alongside ‘The Brightest Rays in the Caribbean’, one of nature’s most amazing and captivating creatures. Start your adventure off at our land base, where our experienced guides will brief you all about the Southern Rays. A scenic 5-minute speedboat ride between Antigua’s offshore islands will whisk you off to a shallow stingray pool with a white sand bottom surrounded by coral reef. Our Stingrays are not enclosed and as your boat arrives so will the Stingrays. Once your boat has been moored, you'll enter the water from the floating platform, where you'll be greeted by the friendliest southern stingrays with the relaxed familiarity of old friends. Whether you choose to stand or swim you’ll have the unique opportunity to hold, feed and interact with stingrays during your encounter, all the while learning about these amazing and captivating animals.

After interacting with the Rays there will be time for you to snorkel among the coral reefs and tropical fish. On returning to the land base you can rinse off under the bright sun in a shower under a coconut tree. Also, enjoy complimentary rum or fruit punch, purchase your pictures or anything from our collection of merchandise and just share this unique experience with your fellow guests.

Why not take a private island tour on Laviscount Island. Interact and learn about the Giant Aldabra Tortoise, the planets oldest living animal. Little changed from the days of dinosaurs, our sanctuary is home to over 50 of these prehistoric animals. Originating from the Indian Ocean these friendly and curious animals can grow to over 600lbs and live to up 200years. Take the opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

For reptile lovers we have the only Lesser Antilles Iguanas in Antigua. Extinct for many years, we are slowly reintroducing them to the Island. Come and enjoy our tropical birds, nature trails and private beach break.

A private island get away, Laviscount Island, offers Island stand alone tours and combination tours with the Stingrays. Attractions on the Island include the giant tortoises, iguanas, parrots, walking trails, large beach area, floating dock and mangrove snorkel, viewing and eating deck, 6000sqft boat dock and gazebo, an ice cream shop, disable accessible bathrooms.

Laviscount Island is well suited to small or large groups, from 1hr tours to half or full day island breaks.

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A visit to Stingray City is a real treat, where you can swim and interact with these surprisingly gentle creatures.

The pictures don't lie, you can stroke and feed and, almost as enjoyable, watch the reaction of others as the stingrays swim between your legs.





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