Shirley Heights Lookout

As dusk melts to night stay and enjoy the food and various local live bands will continue to entertain you. Join us on Thursday evening to for our sunset barbecue.

The view from the Lookout is stunning, encompassing both Falmouth and English Harbour’s. Visit during the day and sample lunch at the restaurant, or stop for a drink at the bar. Take a look at the gift shop full of local handmade souvenirs.

The Lookout is part of the Shirley Heights military complex. Behind the catchment on the highest ground, 490ft (150m) above sea level, was the Signal Station from which a system of flags was used by day and guns by night to convey messages to St, John's by way of Great Fort George on Monk's Hill.  

The Shirley Heights military complex also included a guard house, magazine and kitchen, officers' quarters, adjoining parade grounds, a 40-bed hospital, canteen, and a cemetery.  An obelisk in the cemetery commemorates the officers and men of the 54th Regiment (2nd Battalion Dorsets) who died in service in the West Indies between 1840 and 1851.

Follow the Lookout Trail that winds its way down to Galleon Beach.

You cannot visit Antigua without stopping at Shirley Heights, famous for our Sunday Barbecue Party overlooking English Harbour.


From 4pm, listen to the mellow sounds of the steel band and watch the sun set with our signature rum punch.

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