West Indies Oil

WIOC no longer carries out refining of crude oil, but instead we focus exclusively on storage and distribution of refined petroleum products. We now have storage capacity of 1.7 million barrels.

As well as being sole providers of LPG we offer bunkering of fuel oil and marine gas oil for large vessels. We also provide Marine Gas Oil and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel to small yachts and other vessels; helping you to sail to your next destination. Our fuel can be accessed directly via barge or truck. Our network of marinas is also strategically located to ensure you can refuel your small yacht.

And of course if you are travelling around by car our 17 service stations can keep you going on our high octane gasoline. We offer quality and convenience whatever your need.

WIOC is committed to continual improvement of its product. The newly-installed five-point Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM) north of the Sea Island Jetty introduces best-in-class modalities, by allowing for the transfer of products between tankers and WIOC’s shore facility. Critically, it allows for the simultaneous loading and off-loading of products. This brings enhanced efficiency.The acquisition of eight additional containers, each with a capacity of forty-five thousand gallons brings about increased LPG storage, meaning less frequent importation thereby lowering freight costs.

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Established in 1965 by Natomas and Amaco International Oil Company the West Indies Oil Company was created as an oil refinery and distribution entity.

Extended in 1972 to Dominica before the government of Antigua & Barbuda became a majority shareholder in 2015, WIOC has seen a surge in profits over the last few years.




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Opening Hours:

Please contact individual marinas or service stations for operating hours.

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