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St John's Cathedral

St John's Cathedral

A second church was erected some time between 1721 and 1723, and was built of brick washed a light yellow. In 1789, more than forty years after the main edifice was finished, the first tower was completed.

Having been elevated to the status of Cathedral in 1842, plans to suitably improve the building were halted by the devastating earthquake of 1843 when the church was reduced to a ruin.

And so the present incarnation came to be, in 1845 the first cornerstone was laid and in 1847 was open for public worship.

More recently the Cathedral has undergone an extensive restoration and has been brought back to its splendid former glory. The interior woodwork is something to behold.

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St John's Cathedral is now in its third incarnation. The first St John's Anglican Church was built in the same location in 1681 and was a simple wooden structure.

The church was described by one old writer as being "totally destitute of beauty and comfort" and within two decades had fallen into disrepair.





Opening Hours:

Sunday and weekday services have resumed. Please call for details.



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