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The number of yachting and sailing events in Antigua has increased year on year confirming Antigua's position as the premier yachting centre of the Caribbean.


Jolly Harbour Regatta                      24th - 25th Nov 2018

Charter Yacht Show                            4th - 10th Dec 2018

High Tide Series                              22nd & 29th Dec 2018

Nelson’s Pursuit Race                                    31st Dec 2018

Round the Island Race                                    19th January

Superyacht Challenge             31st January - 3rd February

Wobbly Boat Race                                           1st February

Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Regatta       8th - 10th February

Antigua 360                                                  15th February

RORC Caribbean 600                         18th - 23rd February

Antigua Laser Championship                  24th & 25th March

Classic Yacht Regatta                              17th - 23rd April

Guadeloupe to Antigua Race                               26th April

Round Antigua Race                                            27th April

Antigua Sailing Week                           27th Apr - 3rd May

Antigua to Bermuda Race                                       8th May

Mikie Piggott Memorial Fishing Tournament         31st May

Sport Fishing Tournament                            1st - 2nd June

Optimist World Championships                    6th - 12th July

Francis Nunes Fish Tournament                27th September



Antigua Charter Yacht Show 4th-10th December 2018  Probably the most important event in Antigua's yachting calendar, the Charter Yacht Show is held in December each year. Started by the Nicholson family as an encouragement to charter yachts to use Antigua as a cruising destination, the show has grown to over 100 yachts annually.  Not only has the number of yachts grown but also their size and length has increased substantially. In the beginning, forty feet was a big boat, today, big boats are over 150 feet. Yachts and brokers from all over the world congregate in Antigua to plan and book the next season’s yachting charters. As a yachting spectacular it is well worth a visit.  Rarely are so many millions of dollars worth of yachts gathered together in one place and, to take advantage of this gathering of superyachts. Contact Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting

Nelson's Pursuit Race 31st December 2018  The annual Nelson's Pursuit Race hosted by the Antigua Yacht Club is held each year on 31st December. The race start and finish is off English Harbour, the entrance to Nelson's Dockyard and race is conducted from Fort Charlotte which is perched above the Pillars of Hercules and from where there is a commanding view of the whole of the course.  As is normal with a pursuit race, the slowest yacht starts first and this yacht wears a very large French Tricolour ensign the idea being that the "British" fleet will chase down and "capture" the fleeing "French" vessel.  Click here to contact Antigua Yacht Club

RORC Caribbean 600 Mile Race 18th February 2017  The 600 mile race starts on 18th February 2019 at English Harbour, Antigua and takes the fleet north to a mark off Barbuda, past the islands of Nevis, Saba and St Barths to circle St Martin before heading down to Guadeloupe as the most southerly point, then back  to the mark off Barbuda, returning to the finish at  Antigua. A total of 605 nautical miles.  The race will be run under RORC’s IRC rating rule.  For more information, please contact: RORC: Tel.  + 44 (0) 20 7493 2248 - or 


Antigua Classic Regatta 17th - 23rd April 2019  Held in April, a couple of weeks before Antigua Sailing Week Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta has quite an interesting history. According to the website - 'Back in the 60's Classic yachts, which were gathered in English Harbour Antigua, had begun chartering and the captains and crews challenged each other to a race down to Guadeloupe and back to celebrate the end of the charter season. From this informal race, Antigua Race Week was formalised in 1967, and in those days all of the yachts were classics. As the years grew on, the classic yachts were slowly outnumbered but the faster sleeker modern racing yachts and 20 years later the Classic Class had diminished to a few boats and was abandoned in 1987. However this same year seven classic yachts turned out and were placed in Cruising Class 3 with the bare boats.  The class was so unmatched that it was outright dangerous, so Captain Uli Pruesse hosted a meeting on board Aschanti of Saba with several classic skippers and in 1988 the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta was born, with 7 boats.' Over 50 yachts per year have entered since the millennium and the regatta continues to one of the world's top classic yacht regattas.  

Antigua Sailing Week 27th April - 3rd May 2019  With a change of regatta organisation, Antigua Sailing Week has seen a change of emphasis away from shore side entertainment towards more focused racing.  With this change has come a move from Nelson's Dockyard to the Antigua Yacht club for the centre of activities.  The regatta now features more imaginative races and yachts sail courses according to their size and speed.  Antigua Sailing Week is probably still the Caribbean's premier regatta and the one which attracts the most international interest with yachts arriving from all parts of the world together with a substantial charter fleet. Contact Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua & Barbuda Fishing Tournament 1st - 2ndJune 2019  The Antigua & Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament is considered to be amongst the five premier tournaments in the Caribbean. Around 40 boats take part each year and the rules are quite rigid. There are penalties for landing undersized fish. Also, if a boat is not fighting a fish at the 1630 (4.30) cut off time it has to return to port, however, if it has hooked a fish the boat may remain out until midnight.  Fishing is not the only way to win prizes. A Cook Off competition from the day's catch is a popular event held on Pigeon Beach and competition is almost as fierce as on the water.  The tournament now includes the Mikie Piggott memorial Fishing Event. For more information:

Optimist World Dinghy Championships 6th - 12th July 2019 The North American Optimist Dinghy Championships were first held in Antigua in 2015.  They were so successful that they asked to come back the following year and, against fierce competition from China, Sri Lanka and Tunisia, Antigua was chosen for the 2019 World Championships. 

Francis Nunes Fish Tournament 27th September 2019  A second opportunity to go deep sea fishing in the waters off Antigua. Started only a few years ago, this festival has become as popular as the main event in June, both now being held in the historic Nelson's Dockyard.  For more information: 

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