Heritage Quay - The centre of Duty Free shopping in Antigua       

Looking for that new Rolex or something with diamonds or emeralds?  Heritage Quay is the place to shop.
Shopping is Duty Free in Heritage Quay’s luxury stores and boutiques. The shopping area hosts many prestigious shops selling brand-name merchandise.  There is also an hotel, bars and restaurants and a casino.  Heritage Quay is the place to be when visiting Antigua's 
capital city of St John's  

The larger of the two Quays in St John’s, Heritage Quay is a modern development designed to take advantage of the numerous cruise ship visitors, however, its Duty Free shops are available to all tourism visitors whether staying in an hotel or arriving by yacht.  You will be required to prove you are a bone fide tourist by providing an airline ticket or a copy of your yacht's clearing in papers.  You should also show your passport as proof of identity.

There is much more to Heritage Quay than is immediately apparent and you need to spend a little time searching amongst the arcades on both levels.  There is also the vendors mall where local craftsmen and women ply their trade and where you can also buy souvenir items such as T-shirts and miniature steel drums.  There's always a bargain to be had particularly if you are prepared to do a little bartering.

The two floors offer a wide variety of goods with substantial savings over the retail prices of Europe and the U.S..  Jewellery and world renowned watches predominate but there are also shops selling fine cigars including those Cuban variety forbidden to discerning American citizens, liquors, designer clothing & footwear, swim wear, sporting equipment, perfumes and cosmetics cosmetics, crystals & china and together with the usual souvenir items.  The whole shopping experience is enhanced by troupes of local entertainers and traditional Caribbean steel band music.

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