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The Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide was typeset and ready to be uploaded to the printers when Hurricane Irma stuck.  The Marine Guide is printed in Sarasota, Florida and Irma affected their ability to receive the 2018 copy.  This has given us an opportunity to add a few words regarding the affects Hurricanes Irma & Maria had on Antigua.  People stocked up and battened down for the expected exceptionally strong winds.  However, on both occasions, Antigua was spared the worst and it was back to business after a day or two.

Not so our sister island of Barbuda which took the full force of Hurricane Irma along with other of the northern Leeward Islands.  More of Barbuda in the Barbuda page on this website

There has been a lot of sensationalism in the media about the Caribbean hurricanes and a lot of inaccurate reporting including one report which said Antigua was devastated.   Nowhere in the world is 100% safe from the ravages our planet wishes to throw at us.  Italian earthquakes are far more frequent than hurricanes yet Italy remains amongst the top tourist destinations and the Caribbean is just as safe, if not safer.

Whilst three high category hurricanes came across the Atlantic in the season, and, unfortunately, two made landfall but that is a rarity.  In 2011 the Caribbean Marine Association did some research into insurance rates in the Caribbean and a by product of this research was the fact that in any one year, there is only a 2 to 3% chance of a Caribbean island being hit by a hurricane whereas there is a 10 to 12% chance of the eastern and south eastern United States being hit.

With the islands of St Maarten and the British Virgin Islands badly damaged, demand for yachting space and services in other parts of the Caribbean is bound to be high and Antigua is ready to meet the challenge.  Even before Irma and Maria, the amount of available dock space in Antigua was planned to be increased and this will become even more essential during the period of reconstruction on the other islands.

Antigua and neighbouring islands will be open for business for the 2017/18 season commencing with Antigua’s Charter Yacht Show in December and St. Maarten has declared its Heineken Regatta will be staged as usual in March 2018 as will be St. Thomas’s STIR Regatta.

We wish our friends and neighbours in the northern Leeward Islands a rapid reconstruction and hope they will soon be back to offering the destinations and services for which the Caribbean is famed.

Photographs by Alexis Andrews, Lindsay Duffy, Kevin Johnson and Tim Wright

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Antigua & Barbuda is an independent Caribbean nation of 108 square miles (Antigua) and 68 square miles (Barbuda) with a beautiful, unspoiled coastline providing many safe and scenic anchorages with some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean.

For many years Antigua has been one of the top destinations in the world for yacht chartering, racing and cruising.  Keeping up with the demands of a growing yachting industry, we have developed a large range of high quality marine services.  Nelson's Dockyard is the only working Georgian dockyard in the world and has recently undergone major restoration of the sea wall as well as improving it's shore facilities for visiting yachts.

There are seven privately run marinas, some able to accommodate super-yachts of 70m+ with drafts of 7m.

The Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide is an annual magazine for yachting visitors to our island.  Published by Lightwave Publications Ltd. since 1994, it is intended as an informative guide, listing marine services and supplies, places to visit and things to see and do.  There are many anchorages and marinas from which to choose.  The Guide describes recommended anchorages and what you expect to find ashore.  The sailing directions are only to be used in conjunction with official charts and pilot books.

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